Registration is the process of connecting your computer to the Juniata College network and having your computer recognized by the network. It is required for all computers and devices that need access to the Internet and other Juniata College network resources. The registration process includes scanning your computer for supported virus and malware protection applications as well as for current operating system updates. Juniata College students are responsible for having malware and virus protection installed on their personal computers prior to arriving at the Juniata College campus.

To pre-scan your computer before you arrive on campus, click the download button.

After clicking on the download button, please choose the option to "Save File" and save the Bradford Dissolveable Agent program locally on your computer.

Once saved on your computer, please run the Bradford Dissolveable Agent application to pre-scan your computer.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Juniata College Help Desk by emailing help@juniata.edu OR by calling (814)641-3619.